Alex Hui Bon Hoa

Alex graduated from New York University with a BA in Psychology and a minor in Creative Writing. During college, he avidly wrote articles for the Washington Square News. After graduating, Alex volunteered at a vocational college in Guiyang, Guizhou, where he discovered his passion for teaching, mentorship, and counseling. Inspired by the teenagers there, he co-founded a non-profit project with his sister, giving him the rare opportunity to work with children from marginalized communities across South East Asia.
At ESC, Alex is enthusiastic about mentoring and empowering students throughout the college application process, shaping them into young adults ready for the exciting new challenges of university and beyond. When Alex isn’t flicking through school lists on his phone, he will be flicking forehands on luscious grass fields, competing in Ultimate Frisbee tournaments. Alex also volunteers and helps with children with autism or cerebral palsy. Sometimes he can be found at parks, training his puppy, Shiro, for the next obstacle course.