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  1. An ED2 Story: Hanson’s Journey to Wesleyan

    Founded in 1831, Wesleyan University is a small, four-year private institution located in Middletown, Connecticut. Wesleyan, Amherst University, and Williams College comprise what is known as the “Little Three” – a group of distinct small liberal arts schools in New England. Wesleyan is also one of the original schools to be considered a “Little Ivy”….

  2. Intern Testimonial: Madisen

    A lot of people ask me, what is a 19-year-old American doing in Beijing? Well, let me introduce myself. My name is Madisen Siegel. After graduating from Deerfield Academy I decided to spend one year living and studying in Beijing before attending Columbia University. I have spent most of the year taking Mandarin classes at…