Junior Scholars Program

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Junior Scholars Program: Personalized strategy to discover and develop lifelong interests and skills

Rolling enrollment

Interest Development


In 1-on-1 monthly meetings beginning in Grade 9, we encourage our students to contemplate and articulate their passions, then offer personalized guidance and support as they continue to explore – whether that means applying to summer internships in art museums, building a reading list about consumer psychology, or thinking through how to establish a philosophy discussion group at their high school. We host often host events in which students can deepen their interests in a fun and engaging environment with other ESC students.

“I have met many great counselors and teachers since I joined ESC. They not only helped me with my English language but also led me to find my biggest interests in the long run. I like the rich atmosphere of American culture there, and we students have learned to see things from various perspectives and have our opinions heard.”

Alex Yue ESC Class of 2020

Skill Building


We offer workshops that help students hone the skills they will need to succeed in the American classroom setting.  In our biweekly reading groups, students strengthen their critical reading and discussion skills through engaging with texts of all kinds – poems, short stories, plays, and news articles. Beyond reading groups, we hold 20 other specialized workshops on topics like writing reflectively, giving effective presentations, and paraphrasing.

“My daughter just returned from a Yoga event in Colorado and is now calling herself “an explorer of yoga philosophy.” She is also co-founding a Yoga Nidra app with a teacher at her school. How did she change from a simple enthusiast to an explorer? It was under the guidance of her consultant that her discoveries gradually went deeper.”

Anonymous Parent

Community Spirit


Through class-wide dinners and outings like laser tag and hiking along the Great Wall, our students form friendships and build a support system of consultants and peers who experience the challenges and triumphs of preparing for the application process and higher education alongside them.

“ESC counselors are energetic, thoughtful, and warm. They have great passion and energy for their jobs and the feedback they give us is both insightful and intelligent. Their high efficiency inspires me to keep pushing myself to be more diligent and excellent. Life is amazing because of the people we meet, and I am lucky to meet so many people I cherish from ESC.”

Eric Li ESC Class of 2015, Columbia University Class of 2019