North America High School Scholars Program

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North America High School Scholars Program: Support in navigating the US education system, from the first year of high school to the first year of college.

Rolling enrollment

Academic Guidance


We work closely with our International Scholars to navigate a foreign school system and make the most of their academic opportunities – whether it’s selecting classes, fostering productive relationships with school faculty and administration, or capitalizing on opportunities like college visits.

Cross-Cultural Support


Moving to another country as a high school student is an incredible feat. Our consultants based in North America provide important cross-cultural support to their students. In addition to discussing the pedagogical and cultural differences between American and Chinese educational systems, consultants and students maintain close contact as they work through the emotional difficulties of cultural adaptation and homesickness.

“For the past three years, the ESC community has been extremely supportive of me. Whenever I meet with my counselor, not only do I feel comfortable talking about my school life and education goals, but I am willing to share my thoughts and feelings with her.”

Keira Han ESC Class of 2018, Columbia University Class of 2022

Interest Development


Through weekly conversations, we help students gain a deep understanding of the value of extracurricular activities both personally and in the application process, how to balance the “breadth and depth” of extracurricular involvement, and how to demonstrate true commitment to an activity. After probing our students’ interests and passions, we work with them to select and apply for a combination of academic programs, laboratory and/or independent research, internships, and community service that will challenge the student and strike a balance between academic and extracurricular obligations.

College Counseling


Beginning in their Grade 11 year, students and their consultants shift focus to college applications, working closely together to conduct school research, build school lists, brainstorm and write application essays, and prepare for interviews. As a team that includes college writing professors and previous admissions officers, International Scholar consultants skillfully counsel our students through the challenges and nuances of the application process. Aware that many of the International Scholars have college counselors provided by their high school, the International Scholar consultants build off of the work that students have done with their school counselors.