Senior Scholars Program

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Senior Scholars Program: A step by step approach to apply to 15 of America’s best colleges

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Senior Scholars Transition


After the spring semester of their Grade 11 year, students transition into our Senior Scholars Program. Each student is paired 1-on-1 with a consultant who offers them highly individualized guidance and feedback on their applications to colleges. 

“ESC is always a very welcoming and supportive community. Talking to my counselor was like having a little nice and informative conversation with my old friend.”

Lucy Du ESC Class of 2017, Stanford University Class of 2021

Application Season Counseling


We kick off the application season in the summer before Grade 12 with an intensive three-day lecture and workshop series called ESC Academy.  Students consider topics such as “How to Brainstorm and Outline Essays” and “Cracking College Research.”  Each student is then paired with a consultant to research schools, curate a custom college list, brainstorm and refine their essays, and prepare for interviews.

We view the college process as an important time for student growth.  Our consultants work closely with students to sharpen their time-management skills, employ newly-learned writing techniques, and articulate their passions and identities.  Our low student to consultant ratio (maximum 6:1, often lower) allows consultants to support their students to the fullest: our consultants and students form mentor-mentee relationships that last well beyond the application season.

Objective :
  • Complete 12+ applications to top American colleges and universities  
Activities :
  • Conduct thorough school research
  • Build comprehensive, balanced school lists that prioritize student fit
  • Prepare for admission officer, alumni, and third-party interviews
  • Brainstorm and write the personal statement and supplemental college essays
  • Connect with ESC alumni at schools to which student is applying

“What I love the most is how supportive and close-knit the ESC community is. Be mentally prepared for how many revisions your counselor will ask you to do before your essays are ready, but once I had my final versions, I knew all the effort I put in was worth it.”

Jennifer Hong ESC Class of 2015, Duke University Class of 2019

College Decision Guidance

From April to May


After our students have received their acceptance letters in the mail, consultants and students collaborate to determine which school is the best choice for the student to attend. Through connecting students with ESC alumni at the schools to which they have been accepted, digging through school websites, and long conversations with the students’ families, we ensure that each of our students ends up at a school where (s)he will thrive.

Objective :
  • Select the best college, given a student’s needs and preferences
Activities :
  • Meet with families to discuss student and family needs and preferences
  • Conduct deep research on each school where the student has been accepted
  • Connect student with ESC alumni at the schools to which they have been accepted

College Readiness Programs

From February to June


Our work with students does not stop after they receive their admissions results. Following their college acceptances, we want our students to build upon the skills they will need to succeed on their college campuses. Each spring, ESC offers extensive programming aimed at preparing our rising college freshmen for the rigors of higher education. In our “College 101” Series, consultants lead tutorials that introduce academic, social, and interpersonal aspects of college life to our students. We also bring English writing professors from schools such as Columbia, UPenn, and Wellesley to teach intensive writing classes to our students. These classes ensure that our thrive in their American classrooms.

Objective :
  • Prepare for the rigors of transitioning to the American higher education system
Activities :
  • Connect with other ESC alumni who will matriculate to the same school in the fall
  • Attend college-style seminars on a variety of topics
  • Complete English Academic Writing class led by visiting college professors
  • Learn about life in college through the College Readiness Program
  • Celebrate at ESC’s College Send-off Party with fellow ESC-ers, consultants, and ESC alumni!   

“My time at ESC was absolutely amazing and memorable. The spring before leaving for college, I attended College 101, a series of fun and informing workshops that prepared me for life in college, including interesting topics like mindfulness and sleep management! Then during the summer, I had the pleasure of enrolling in one of ESC’s rigorous writing seminars, and the skills and mindset that I learned there were so helpful that I still use them now in college.”

Hidy Li ESC Class of 2019, Franklin and Marshall Class of 2023

Parent Educational Workshops


We want our parents to be in the loop and participating knowledgeably in their child’s application process. Many have not studied abroad themselves and are not familiar with the American university system. In order to offer insight into the daunting college application process, we host a series series of educational workshops that introduce families to different aspects of American higher education or address common misconceptions surrounding the application process. Topics range from “Why Fit, Not Ranking, Is Important” to “The Advantages and Disadvantages of Early Decision.” We often invite parents of ESC alumni to speak and share their perspectives on the challenges of parenting during the application season with parents of current ESC students.

“In our minds ESC is an educational institution rather than just an overseas study institution. In the past three years, my child has not only received professional guidance on university applications, but also broadened horizons, improved thinking and writing skills, and strengthened interpersonal abilities.”

Anonymous Parent