ESC Services

Junior Scholars Program

  • Begins as early as Grade 9 and ends in the spring of Grade 11
  • 1-on-1 meetings with consultants who help students develop academic interests and build extracurricular involvement
  • Workshops and classes that hone skills, such as academic writing, critical thinking, and public speaking
  • Guidance in developing winter and summer break plans and applying to academic and research programs



Classes and workshops offered

Senior Scholars Program

  • Begins spring/summer of Grade 11
  • Further academic and extracurricular interest development
  • 1-on-1 meetings with consultants who provide students with highly individualized guidance on essay writing, college research, and interview preparation
  • Submit applications to over 15 colleges
  • Continued support after college acceptance via workshops relating to American culture, mental health, and college-level writing


97 %

ESC Acceptance Rate

North America High School Scholars Program

  • Begins as early as Grade 9
  • Guidance in navigating Western education system and taking advantage of school resources
  • Personalized plans to help students build academic and extracurricular interests & experiences, and assistance in brainstorming and editing applications to summer programs
  • Extensive cross-cultural and emotional support
  • Applications to over 15 colleges

ESC additional programming

Summer & Winter Odysseys

  • Private college tours on over 15 campuses in more than 4 cities
  • Exclusive meetings with admissions officers and college professors
  • Winter Program also includes opportunities to sit in on college classes and stay overnight on college campuses
  • Summer Program also includes test preparation classes for the TOEFL and SAT/ACT and an intensive English writing course with college professors



Included in Odyssey Trip

Great Books Partnership

  • ESC Partner Program
  • Small, college-style seminars that introduce students to great literature, artwork, and philosophy
  • Uses a shared inquiry approach, popularized by schools such as Columbia and UChicago, and fosters the skills of reflective reading and critical thinking among students
  • Sessions held in Beijing and US every summer (2-week session) and winter (3-day session)

College-level texts


Guided Reading and Analysis