Career Development at ESC

What kind of professional skills can I expect to develop while working in Education Consulting?

Education consulting has a few foundational skills necessary for success. As noted in our previous posting, competencies such as mentorship, admissions insights, and writing/editing are all fundamental in helping us provide high-value service to clients. As a candidate, you will be evaluated in such areas through past work experience, research papers, and mentorship programs. Competencies developed around these skills will be implemented constantly and improved quickly due to the fast-paced nature of application season counseling.

Elsewhere, expect growth in a variety of other competencies, such as managing client expectations in a cross-cultural context. An education consultant’s work, like all consultants, assesses client issues while providing guidance and mentorship and while working towards specialized solutions. In many cases, this means acknowledging the impossible, for example, with a student whose academic profile is not suited for a Top 5 engineering program, despite family expectations. Understanding how to navigate these client conversations, while gently nudging client expectations is a foundational skill which all ESC consultants quickly learn, and subsequently apply throughout their careers.

What kinds of career paths does Education Consulting lead to?

Education consulting develops strong client-facing capacities, with educational consultants typically continuing on to careers in similar industries. Some post-ESC career trajectories have taken consultants on to teaching, law, and management consulting, or to kick off their own education start-ups in places such as Myanmar. Like our ESC alumni who now study at institutions like Harvard Law, Kellogg’s MBA program, or at U Penn’s Graduate School of Education, the ESC experience can prepare you for a wide range of roles thanks to professional development initiatives and opportunities at ESC.

How do we at ESC help our employees grow professionally?

ESC provides professional development opportunities early and often through the variety of teams available to new hires within ESC’s broader team structure. These teams cover topics such as: Recruitment, Data Management, Website and Social Media, Marketing, and Curriculum Development. Within a consultant’s first year, they will have the opportunity to take on leadership roles, wherein they set clear professional objectives, and even lead teams in meaningful project work of relevance and use to ESC’s business development.

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