ESC 2019 Global Scholars Program

At ESC, we pride ourselves on helping students develop the necessary skills to succeed both in the application process, and once moving to the United States to attend college. To support our Senior Scholars students in their final months before college, we are proud to offer a wide array of college preparation resources through our Global Scholars Program (GSP), a program that takes place each spring to help students prepare for the academic, social, and cultural transitions that they will encounter during their first semester in college or university in the United States.

The first of these resources is our Mini Inquiries, a series of workshops led by ESC Counselors to help to prepare students for different aspects of American culture and college life. From Asian American Identity, to Making Friends in Your Freshman Dorm, ESC students who attended the workshops learned about a wide array of aspects of U.S. culture and college life. We were delighted to have 20 students attend 3 or more Mini Inquiries this year, and look forward to hearing all about how our students apply this knowledge during their first semester at college or university this fall!

ESC also offers a variety of courses taught by college professors designed to help students prepare themselves for different aspects of U.S. college and university. From our College Writing Seminars, organized to ensure that students have the writing skills required to succeed in their college courses, to our Advanced Quantitative Skills workshop, which help expose students who are interested in studying economics, finance, or statistics, to what it is like to study these subjects at the college level, we ensure that all students are prepared for both the social and academic changes that they will encounter during their first semester in the United States.

ESC’s GSP program is just one example of how we help our students to navigate the transition from high school in Beijing to college or university in the United States. Based on what we’ve seen in our spring GSP program so far, we are confident that the class of 2019 is in good shape for their first semester at college, and look forward to watching them grow!