College Preparedness: How ESC’s Remote Classes Equip International Students for Life in College

Despite recent difficulties posed by COVID-19, ESC has pushed forward with our College Readiness Program. This program includes a series of flash seminars, designed and led by ESC consultants trained in relevant fields, which provide current Chinese high school students the opportunity to learn more about important aspects of the American college experience. 

Starting in early March, ESC students began studying a wide variety of topics, ranging from social psychology discourse on college campuses, to the ins and outs of collegiate sports culture, to discussions of Asian American identity. These flash seminars, called “Mini Inquiries,” are specifically designed for international students from China, and geared towards introducing them to important aspects of college life in the United States that they normally are not exposed to in their high school curricula. 

ESC counselors began designing these mini inquiries in late January, brainstorming potentially useful and informative subjects with our college preparation team. Consultants then take independent ownership of these inquiries, providing their personal touch in order to help contextualize the American college experience for matriculating ESC students. 

Furthermore, to keep the health and wellness of both students and consultants in mind throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, ESC has successfully transformed this spring program into a completely web-based format. This development has allowed consultants across North America and East Asia to seamlessly conduct sessions with students, from the safety of their own homes.  

If you would like to know more about ESC’s work, and how we’re continuing to innovate our practices to meet client and student needs despite present circumstances, feel free to get in touch with us, or check out our website and Linkedin pages. We’re always happy to connect with like-minded individuals and innovators who are passionate about international education and the Chinese market.