Highlight: GSP – Sports Culture

Elite Scholars China holds a series of Global Scholars Programs (GSP) for graduating high school seniors. These mini-inquiries are meant to help students hone professional and personal skills before they attend college in the U.S. Covering topics ranging from managing roommate expectations to time management, these workshops veer from the traditional educational consulting path to teach students about the cultural aspects of American college life. GSPs introduce students to fundamentals of U.S. culture and history and equips them with skills they will use in college and beyond.

A large difference between college campus culture in the United States and China is the presence of school spirit in the form of sports teams. In US colleges, sports is a significant part of the undergraduate experience and are a great way to become involved in the community, make friends, and try something new. On May 2nd, counselors Ellison Taylor and Maya Grumeretz led a GSP on Sports Culture for ESC students. The GSP distinguished between intramural, club, and varsity sports. It answered questions like what is the “student section,” and why do students stand through an entire sports event? Students participated in activities to understand the differences between sports cultures at liberal arts colleges and large universities. Maya and Ellison also discussed their personal experiences and answered questions about sports culture in the US.