Highlight: GSP – Cooking Basics

Elite Scholars China holds a series of Global Scholars Programs (GSP) for graduating high school seniors. These mini-inquiries are meant to help students hone professional and personal skills before they attend college in the U.S. Covering topics ranging from managing roommate expectations to time management, these workshops veer from the traditional educational consulting path to teach students about the cultural aspects of American college life. GSPs introduce students to fundamentals of U.S. culture and history and equips them with skills they will use in college and beyond.

As much as a college may boast about its superior dining halls and as much as student tour guides may assure you the food on campus is tasty and healthy, college food can be notoriously subpar (hence the “Freshman 15” myth). While salad stations may be present, students tend to gravitate towards the much more appealing fried foods sections in dining halls. And there is rarely any quality Chinese food. To prepare students for the reality of college food, SAT Program Director Jason Chan led a GSP that ESC students are sure to be grateful for in the future: the basics of cooking. On April 12th students began learning a life skill they will use in college and beyond. Students explored different flavors, what happens when they are combined, and the creative art of cooking chocolate chip cookies.