James Milan

James has spent his academic and professional life immersed in work and study that revolves around language and written expression, from his BA in European Studies/Literature to his law degree to his graduate work in U.S. and Latin American History.
In his 23 years as a teacher and college counselor in an elite Boston-area high school, James has worked with hundreds of students (in both high school and college) to hone their writing skills, to find their distinctive voice, and to enhance their ability to express what is most meaningful to them. For James, doing this work is always compelling, often demanding, and sometimes simply magical. In his 20 years of working as a college counselor, James has shepherded more than a hundred students through the application process, with a commitment to reducing the stress that attends that process as much as possible for both his students, and their families.
He has had a lot of success in doing so, even as his students have consistently set their sights on the most competitive colleges and universities in America, including the Ivy League, the top public universities, and excellent liberal arts colleges all across the country.