Haleigh Copley

Haleigh graduated with honors from Tufts University where she studied Chinese, Entrepreneurship, and Peace and Justice Studies. She is a Questbridge Scholar and recipient of the Honos Civicus Award for her leadership in promoting sustainability, philanthropy, and peaceful US foreign diplomacy. At Tufts, Haleigh enjoyed performing with the Chinese dance troupe Wuzee, interning for startups, and mentoring students. Haleigh also spent a summer volunteering as an English teacher in Qinhuangdao and a year in Taiwan as a NSLI-Y Scholar, conducting award-winning research on Taiwanese students’ English learning perspectives. Post-graduation, Haleigh taught at a Vietnamese college as a Princeton in Asia Fellow.

Haleigh is passionate about leveraging her international education experience to empower ESC students to explore their intellectual curiosities and personal growth. Haleigh enjoys studying Asian languages and exploring cultures through food and dance.